Written on the 1 July 2015

THE MEDIA COMEBACK THROUGH the much-needed bolster of Queensland's infrastructure system, one of the oldest forms of advertising is enjoying a renaissance.

Sunshine Coast business Go Transit has been riding this wave since its inception in 2010, when two former radio executives decided it was time for a change in pace.

It is now Australia's largest privately owned bus advertising business, holding contracts with more than 5000 buses and operating in 86 regional markets including metropolitan areas such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Hobart.

Rick Chapman, one half of the Go Transit founding team, says outdoor advertising remains a safe option within the shifting advertising landscape. 

"Newspaper and magazine readership have moved into additional online editions, and television and radio are still grappling with solutions in the face of personalised media with iPads and live streaming," says Chapman.

"Our clients are finding that transit advertising is achieving great traction because of its invasive nature and provides a cost effective solution to generating brand awareness and sales."

Chapman and Gamble, who was previously CEO of Prime Radio, felt compelled to start the business after seeing the 'writing on the wall'.

Technology was making media harder to monetise, but they saw a glistening gap.

As it would happen, technology is only impacting their current business model for the better.

"Over the past five years we've seen demand for outdoor and transit advertising increase exponentially and there are plenty of exciting opportunities for our business moving forward," says Gamble.

"Unlike the old days of hand painting, we now use see through graphics, full vehicle advertising wraps and digital printing - including 3D which has revolutionised this medium and forged its popularity.

"Bus wraps essentially become a 40 foot sign which becomes a moving exhibit as it travels across a community and makes the ultimate marketing statement.

"There is some incredibly creative advertising on busses now. We recently installed a giant octopus design on a full wrap for Sea World on the Gold Coast Light Rail system and the feedback has been amazing."

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